Sunday, October 14, 2012

flowers flowers flowers everywhere

I don't have green fingers. But I think my patch of garden is green and beautiful....(my standards). All I do is water and fertilize the plants. Once a year KC and I will buy more soil and a few new pots and plants and add new plants to what we have. At the same time we may re-pot some of the old plants.

The result of the little effort I put in my garden is just so amazing. I think the fertilizer is good. The blooms this time round is really wonderful and in abundance.

This flower is not from my garden. We bumped into it on the way up the hill yesterday. Saw the first bloom on the ground. Thought it dropped from the tree. Then further up saw another two blooms. Went closer and saw it is growing from the ground...the root is bulb like. Really interesting. In the gray and brown of the hill....the red just stands out.

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