The kids are tired of sandwiches everyday and asked for a change in menu. So I decided to bake banana walnut muffins as requested by Lyn. I've tried a variety of recipes but can't remember where I found or kept them. Today I decided to keep the recipe I use in this blog or else I will forget again. 

Did some changes to the recipe below. Used cooking oil instead of butter. Used half a cup of brown sugar instead of the amount suggested. Can still reduce a little as it is still too sweet. Replaced coffee with cinnamon powder. 

The product: fantastic. As the cups I have are rather big I have only 10 muffins instead of 12. I reluctantly let KC ate one after his dinner. All of us took a pinch. Really great because it is so so nutty. A good healthy snack for the kids' recess. 

Now I have only 9 muffins left. Need to ration them because Lyn wants to share with her friends too. 

It all started last Thursday when Dan complained of itch. Thought it was just mosquito bites. Sent him off to school itchy. 

Rashes started breaking out later but not too severe. Put tiger balm n some cream to stop the itch. On Friday sent him for badminton. An hour later he phoned to say that he can't play anymore. He was totally swollen when I brought him home. Sent him to a doctor. 

The rashes came on and off ....he was especially bad when he woke up in the mornings. Saturday attended a party and Sunday went for a buffet. The variety of food wasn't helping him. By Monday he was bad and I decided to leave him at home. Come evening sent him to the doctor again who prescribed the same medications. 

Justine wasn't happy with his condition and wanted us to change to another doctor. He wasn't better after the medication this time. So I took Tuesday off to send him to the hospital. 

J introduced us to Dr Yap. Dan was admitted as he was coughing badly and his throat was constricted. He felt feverish and cold at the same time. I left him in the hospital. When I returned with lunch, the doctor was leaving with the anesthetist. 

What happened? He was to go on drips. The nurses couldn't find the veins because of the swelling. The doctor and anesthetist were called in to help. They poked him 13 times. His arm and wrists were so painful that I had to feed him. 

As this is his second tome staying in the hospital this year, we left him there on his own during the night. 

The sad and swollen boy waiting to be admitted. 

The next day morning I came with my toaster and bread. He wanted toasts. Hospital food is lousy. Gave him a hearty meal. He has good appetite. Must be the steroids. 
Looking much better here. He came home the second and third night. He rested better at home. So we had the room just for him to sleep during the day. 

Today I dropped him off at the hospital on my way to school. He walked up to his room like a boss. Justine brought him lunch and met with Dr Yap and the dermatologist. I came to the hospital after two and they were processing his discharge papers. 

He is home with a month's supply of medication. We really do not know the cause. Most likely environmental. Suspect the construction opposite the house with the cement trucks that keep coming in may be the cause.  The whole house is sterilized with dettol. I put the ionizer in his room. If the rash breaks out again we have to send him away to Justine's house. Will do an allergy test later when he is done with the medication. 

Been stressful for us. He is upset with what he is having. Can't understand why he's having the allergy. He's restless being away from school so long. He was bored in the hospital as he was left alone. We have to work. Hope he will be healed totally quickly.