Saturday, July 31, 2010


Both Lyn and Dan had a chance to be probates (prefects-to-be on probation) this year. Lyn was horrified when she was informed her name was on the list. Dan was full of excitement when he broke the news to us.

Halfway through probation, Lyn had to make a choice as to attend a librarian workshop or an English workshop where probates were asked to attend. She has always wanted to be a librarian. So she decided to follow her heart. She met a discipline teacher and informed her she wanted to pull out from probation. After she pulled out, the news came that probates don't have to attend the workshop. (I was frustrated.)

Dan is extra eager to do his duty. He took the dad's watch so that he would know when he has to be on duty. He would tell me of the prefects' meeting and ask me to remind him to attend the meeting. Just last week, he insisted that he needed a haircut (which was not even an inch long). He wanted to be an exemplary student I guess. (Usually I let his hair grow till either a prefect or teacher warn him a few times.) He washed his shoes without being told. When he forgot to wash them, he polished them with shoewhite.

When Lyn was a prefect in primary school, she used to be so stressed that her little notebook did not contain any names and she didn't know how to put anybody's name down. (I used to suggest to her faults that she can look out for.) Dan proudly showed us his notebook yesterday with quite a few names. He said there must be at least a name a week. He has learnt the trick to catch errant students the fast way. Just park himself close to the boys' toilet; when a student runs (which they love to but are not allowed to) across the court; that's it!!!! Tangkap basah! (I think they learn all these from the police force; hiding behind trees and bushes with their speed traps).

He came home yesterday with great excitement. The installation is on Monday and he is on the list. He needs blue shirts by then. (I wonder if he heard correctly; shouldn't they be given at least a week or so to get the shirts?) Today, he reminded me about the shirts again. So went off to get them so that he would not be stressed on Monday for not wearing the blue shirt.

I know Lyn is much happier not being a probate now. She is more relaxed. Though I regret it very much that she misses out on leadership training and the extra points for her extra curriculur activities. I will respect the decision she has made and give her all my support for all the other things that she commits and enjoys in school.

Two kids from the same parents but total opposites!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Humpty Dumpty had a fall

Ma had a fall five weeks ago and hurt her elbow. She has seen the doctors five times. Finally, yesterday I decided that this has gone long enough. Can't stand it anymore; looking at her eating with her left hand and sitting lopsided. Took her to Dr Lim and asked him to refer her to the physiotherapist. It worked. The pain has lessened and she used her right hand to eat. What a relief that it works!!

Today I had a fall. I was walking down to the assembly ground. When reaching the bottom I looked around for a teacher. I didn't realised that I had one more step to take so I stepped down and lost control of myself. Went tumbling down like humpty dumpty.

It was really painful at first. After a while, I felt better. With the help of the makcik cleaner and some very helpful prefects; I managed to get to my feet and went about as usual. Unfortunately the pain didn't go away. My left knee and big toe are painful especially when going up and down the stairs. Sigh...really angry with myself for being so careless. Now I can't go for my brisk walk for a while.

I think one of my greatest fear is losing my ability to walk; therefore unable to exercise and ending up looking like a big protoplasm. (I remember Mr Soo Fong Beng used to call Ling Sia Chong protoplasm). Funny how certain memory sticks and some memories just kaput like it never happened.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

About a year ago I saw the movie 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and I wondered how accurate the story was. Recently I came across a whole series of books under the same theme by Philippa Gregory.

I started off with this copy; The Other Queen which is about Mary Queen of Scots. The story is narrated under three characters; Bess (the lady who hosted her house arrest), George; Earl of Shrewsbury (Bess' husband) and the other queen herself; Mary.

In the beginning I thought the book is fictitious but as I read further I was so intrigued by the characters that I had to google to find out what is fact and what is fiction. To my surprise, the author was pretty accurate in the historical facts.,_Queen_of_Scots What she did was to portray the minds of the three characters above in such a way that one could almost believe that was what they went through during that time. (This of course may not be true).

The way she spinned the story using the characters and events from history makes the story very real and true. This is one of the most accurate historical fiction that I have ever read. Philippa Gregory is a great story telller.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

friendly monster

While I was busy cooking, Lyn was busy elsewhere. She and Lee Jia Ern represented the Choir Club in towel arrangement competiton. How did she get in this competition? According to her, she was standing next to Jia Ern and JE just dragged her in to be her partner. She told Lyn that she would handle everything.

Indeed, JE did all the arrangement. Lyn tied the ribbons and glued the accessories.

Lo and behold...the friendly monster they made. And....they won the first place!!!!

Pertandingan Memasak Maggi

Yesterday was a real interesting day. It was almost like a carnival in school. There were various competitions. Cooking, fruit carving, dessert and breakfast, towel arrangement etc. Seck and I joined the cooking competition. Both of us are no great cooks but Seck challenged me to I thought; just do it for fun la. And it was really fun.

Earlier I practised a recipe at home. I thought it would be nice to do something I prepared crepe, fried maggi plus mozarella cheese and wrapped in the crepe. Later I made some potato wedges and cooked brown sauce using the maggi seasoning. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring any ingredients to except cooking utensils. So my plans went down the drain.

These were the stuff prepared by Maggi. On the spot, Seck and I did some planning.

These are the vegetables prepared by Maggi. There was chicken, squid, fish and prawns too.

Seck and I with a hoard of contestants looking at the ingredients that we have to grab. We planned to make maggi wrapped in egg rolls, soup and prawn sambal. So we were planning who to grab what and which side of the table we were to take. It was a mess when the whistle blew. There were so many people grabbing for everything. I jostled with the students to get what I needed for my menu.

Seck and I taking a picture before we started. Our supporters at the back.

Oh dear....don't know what happened to the picture of us cooking and cutting the vegetables. Anyway this is after the cooking was done. I did all the cooking. Seck did all the cutting and decoration. We had 45minutes to prepare our food. So I started with the fried maggi and egg roll. Then quickly put the pot to boil with the prawns inside. Later dump all the vegetables and meat in for the soup with the help of a variety of maggi seasoning to flavour the soup. Then I fried the onions and sambal for the prawns. Finally we decorated the stuff and were ready within the given time.

Here's a closer look at the food. The maggi eggrolls with decorated with vegetables and potato wedges. Potatoes a bit hard. The maggi in the egg roll has not much taste. The seasoning I selected was quite plain. The sambal was too salty. Should have added more water but looked and smelt great. The soup was the best. Made it starchy; like sharksfin soup (overheard a student said that). Boiled half a pot and an Indian student finished it! She loved the soup.

The Principal came around to have a look. Seck insisted that she tries the soup.

Finally the prize giving. Nurul and Norizan's team won the third place. They cooked claypot rice which tasted real delicious according to all who tried it. Isarimah and Noraini Amran won the first place. Isarimah is a cooking expert (being the ERT teacher). I was shocked that Seck and I won the SECOND place!!!!!! Must be the variety we had...What a surprise. (Seck went to pick up her son; that's why she isn't in the picture.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the pain of being the second best

The school choir had been training themselves hoarse in preparation for the state level competition. Since last week they had been skipping classes after recess to practise till 4.30 every evening except on Friday. Some seniors who have left school returned to help in the training and to give support.

They were in school as early as 5am to get ready for the competition today. The commitment amongst the members is fantastic. Two Mondays ago, I had to run errands and dropped by the school at 4.10pm to pick up Lyn. She refused to leave as it wasn't 4.30 yet.

The excitement and expectation that they carry is contagious. Lyn was all dressed and having breakfast when I came down at 4.50 this morning. You could sense the excitement in the air. She was totally indepandent and all ready to face the day with great expectations.

Of course when she smsed me later in the afternoon that Chan Wa won the first place, I knew the whole jing gang would be crying. I wasn't wrong. That is Puteri girls. The expectation is so overpowering and when they don't make it to the top; it is like pricking a balloon filled with water.

I must say the Puteri Choir is excellent. They train themselves without much help from teachers. I don't think any of the choir teachers are musically inclined. They go the extra mile training on their own when others think that they have done enough. When there is no one to cheer them on; they cheer themselves. So, dear girls, don't be so disappointed. You have done your best without special aids which Chan Wa has. Coming up second with the minimum aid that you have is excellent!

I only remember one instance when the choir made it to the nationals. That was when Eunice was the conductor. Quite a number of the choir girls were in my 5Sigma. The school sent a busload of supporters to PD to support the choir. On their way back, the bus met with an accident. The bus was burnt, the driver of the car that went under the bus died. Many of the supporters were from 5Sigma. Quite a few of them lost their History text in the fire.

The disappointment will linger for a while. Next year, I believe the team will continue to train themselves with the same vigor if not more.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Was given a real pleasant surprise when KC returned from his business trip to HK. He opened his bag and started passing souvenirs to the kids first. After the kids was my turn. I told him to look out for an Espirit bag as mine is already two years old. On the phone he told me he couldn't find any Espirit. There was no sale and the departmental stores are too expensive when there's no sale. So he got me a ciplak bag instead. I told him I don't carry ciplaks.....but I was pleasantly surprised by them and the number of them.

Here's a Jimmy Choo. As big as the bag which I carry to school. I'm using it now to school. A bit thin but very nice to hold and sling on the shoulders.

This is Dolce and Gabbana. Rich colour. Nice texture and feel. The inside looks good. I have seen many many ciplak goods which I won't give a second look but this is nice. I like it a lot. It's going to replace my Espirit (which will be my marketing bag). This means this is the bag that goes to church, shopping and all the fun stuff outside school.

This was the first bag he picked. It has no name. After I told him I don't carry ciplaks, he started buying bags with names. Grand red. Very leathery feel and heavy. Has interesting compartments. Looks real. It will be used on occassions when red is required. (I have another red sitting in the wardrobe.) Probably will alternate with DnG.

This is the most expensive bag. Suitable for dinner use. It's supposed to be of triple A
quality. I scoffed at him when he told me he got me a bag of triple A quality. does have the feel of triple A quality (whatever that is). Elegant. The picture doesn't do it justice. So waiting for a dinner to come up to carry it.

A small and cute Anna Sui bag with a long sling. This little bag is Lyn's. Real girly kind of thing.

This is how it looks like when opened up. Knowing her, she will not use it at all but it will be by her bedside and she will gaze at it and dream using it.
For a person who used to be so 'kayu', this is quite an improvement. I'm real happy with my bags and so proud of him for being able to choose well. He has progresssed from lipsticks to perfumes and now bags. This should keep me quiet for a while.

Friday, July 9, 2010

who is more sexy?

Today somebody commented that my white skirt is sexy. She said if I want to be sexy I should wear a shorter skirt.

I was totally offended. According to; 'sexy' means concerned predominantly or excessively with sex or radiating sexuality.

Now...let me see; I don't think when I put my skirt on this morning I have any of the above notions in my mind; neither do I have any intention to radiate sexuality. My only thought was to make sure I look proper, neat and presentable as I would be meeting parents today. This particular skirt is one of my favourite and I have been wearing it for the past years without anybody making any comments.

If I think of sexy....I would think of the lady herself....she walks with her hips swaying. When she talks, she puts on that 'manja' tone that sounds sexy. When confronting a male; looks more like flirting to me. Oh yes...not to forget how she projects her frontal to show her assets.

About 17 years ago in my first school, a pair of students were caught touching each other. The girl wore a tudung that reaches way down. That was the best cover for the boy to put his hand underneath it. Now...does covering yourself from head to toe makes a difference tobeing sexy?

I do sound bitchy and childish. But I was pretty mad this morning over the unnecessary remark.
But as she commented, my skirt is not short enough to be labelled as sexy but it is still sexy....

Anyway....I mustn't be wasting my energy being frustrated by such narrow minded people who can't see the log in their own eyes but can laser in at the splinter in others. She will be judged many times more for judging others. Is she more righteous than me? Am I such a terrible sinner just because of a skirt that touches the knee?

Tsk tsk tsk....I am being a little too touchy and emo. Ok....just a thought of the narrow mindedness around us.

dr. quack aka ma

My mother is a real Dr. Quack. Jackie had been limping for the past week. I think he had an accident while running outside. Ma gave him panadol; mix into bread or whatever. Today Jack has stopped limping and she is so proud of herself.

She wondered aloud how the panadol could cure the dog so fast and can't cure her. She had a fall a fortnight ago and hurt her elbow. It is still hurting quite bad. Doctor gave pain killers and she has been consuming quite a lot of. It still hurts. I think she is quite frustrated with the pain. Probably she was also testing the panadol on the dog to see if it really works or not.

Anyway, she has been a Dr Quack for as long as I can remember. Used to help her to open the chicken's beak to pour in cough mixture (if the chicken showed signs of cough, phlegm or flu) or panadol (crushed in a teaspoon of water). Then she would soothe the poor bird's throat to help the medicine to down.

For us children, it would be whatever medicine in the cupboard that she thinks would help us at that moment (pil chi kit pills, leftover cough syrups, panadols....). If they don't work, she would pick up more supply from my uncle's clinic on her way home. She would just relate our symptoms to my aunty who would prescribe whatever that was necessary and we have survived till today!