Saturday, August 10, 2013


I've heard about this cendol place at Bukit Rambai, Melaka from uncle Ben n Lyn. Few months back when we visited Melaka, we googled and found this place. But I was close by the time we reached. 

Today we made a trip here with the Myfers. We reached past 11am. There was a long queue. There is only this old lady....I think they call her Aunty Poh. She was doing everything. 

There are coconut trees around her house. She took coconut milk from 30 coconuts. She made everything herself. 

Around her compound are fruit trees. People were helping themselves to the rambutans. There is also durians at the back. Langsat is for herself. Before leaving Pator wanted to pay her for the fruits because the youths were also happily plucking rambutans to eat but she didn't accept. She just mentioned that the Langsat is for herself but we can take other fruits. I saw the youths returning home with bunches of rambutans and Aldrin had two durians with him. 

Anyway back to the cendol....after queuing for more than half an hour, it was our turn. She had only Santan for 9 bowls but we wanted 25 bowls. So we ended up sharing...each of us taking a few scoops. We had 10 bowls of tai bak going round also. Tai bak is without coconut milk and gula Melaka. Some sweet dessert also. 

We washed our own bowls and spoons. The youths helped her to clean up the table. Interesting how she runs her business. 

The car park was full. We just park whatever space there is around her compound. A shed is built in front of her house where there are a few tables. She has her ice machine and whatever needed for the cendol. She sold her cendol in less than two hours. 

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