It was a Sunday afternoon. We were at Brickfields, walking to an Indian restaurant called Chat Masala. This place is the Little India of KL. One can see the Indians on the streets in their colorful costumes, adorned with jewellery. 

While crossing the road at a corner, we heard a horn. Turned around and saw a motorist horning at an Indian family crossing the road like us. All other vehicles had stopped as its pedestrian crossing but the motorist continued to swerve around the family. He stretched his arm to an old lady, there was a shriek and he was off. Within seconds! He had just snatched the lady's necklace. 

All of us were stunned looking to the direction where he sped off. What can we do? Pointing and shouting were of no use. He was way ahead and had disappeared round the bend. 

That's snatch thief in broad daylight in malaysia. As easy as that. Nothing can be done. Now what I read in the papers happened right under my nose. 

We always hear the advice to ladies not to carry handbags. I see the sense of the advice today. But if I don't carry my handbag, how am I going to carry my keys, wallet, phone, iPad, lipsticks, tissue paper etc etc??

It was a normal Sunday afternoon....

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