It was a Sunday afternoon. We were at Brickfields, walking to an Indian restaurant called Chat Masala. This place is the Little India of KL. One can see the Indians on the streets in their colorful costumes, adorned with jewellery. 

While crossing the road at a corner, we heard a horn. Turned around and saw a motorist horning at an Indian family crossing the road like us. All other vehicles had stopped as its pedestrian crossing but the motorist continued to swerve around the family. He stretched his arm to an old lady, there was a shriek and he was off. Within seconds! He had just snatched the lady's necklace. 

All of us were stunned looking to the direction where he sped off. What can we do? Pointing and shouting were of no use. He was way ahead and had disappeared round the bend. 

That's snatch thief in broad daylight in malaysia. As easy as that. Nothing can be done. Now what I read in the papers happened right under my nose. 

We always hear the advice to ladies not to carry handbags. I see the sense of the advice today. But if I don't carry my handbag, how am I going to carry my keys, wallet, phone, iPad, lipsticks, tissue paper etc etc??

It was a normal Sunday afternoon....
Guidelines which we hope you will find helpful:

  1. Date a Christian if possible. (This is the heritage that we have from our grandparents which we now pass to you and we would like to see it passed to the next generations.) It will save you from lots of heartaches over religious differences next time. It will also give you a mutual interest which cements the relationship. In a Christian relationship it's a love triangle. 
Christ at the top of your triangle, you n the person u r dating at the bottom. Both growing upwards to God n thus closing in on the gap between you. 

2. If you are interested in a non Christian you must make known your stand in Christ to him right from the start. Don't mislead a person. Let your principles, beliefs n core values be clear between you so you will not disappoint each other. When dating a non Christian you must pray day n night for his conviction to believe in Christ. Talk about both your values and see how you can both accept each other's values. Never compromise. If there be uneasiness don't push it aside and cover it up with excuses. Bang heavens gates for answers and guidance. God will guide you. Trust God in this. He knows best. 

3. Talk to one of us if there be doubt or struggle or confusion. Matters of the heart can get complicated. Sometimes you have to b strong and hard to protect yourself. We will not judge you but provide you a listening ear n prayers. We respect you as an adult but if we see some unwise moves or choice made by you we will speak up. We are your parents n God has given us the privilege to mentor and disciple you. 

4. When going on a date, always plan to do things together like study together, read a book n discuss it, go to museums n talk about what you see. Be in open and bright spaces. No going to the room or sitting in dark corners. Don't allow yourself to be tempted. Remember if the person is not meant for you, it's easier to break up when you are not carried away with physical acts like touching ,petting etc. It will also leave less scars on both of you, making it easier to move on. Avoid being physical because you will never be satisfied with just a little touching. You will want more n more and it will get out of control. Your father only held my little finger. When I sat behind him on the motorbike our friends laughed at us saying there's space for an elephant. These are things you can talk about when dating cause you are laying your ground rules too. 

5. Watch the choice of places you hang out in. If you are overseas and it's the norm to go to the pub, please do know how much drink you can hold. Anyway it's not healthy to hang out in the pub often. Go for the experience but don't make it a way of life. It's too expensive a lifestyle anyway. Drinking is also not good. So let it be occasional and not a daily affair. 

6. Live within your means. Never be in debt. Never borrow from others and don't let your friends make it a habit to borrow money from you. If you have a credit card, use it only when it's a planned purchase and you know you have the cash for it. Never live on credit. Pay whatever sum that is on your credit card bill when d billing comes in each month. Don't accumulate. We will not bail you out on your credits. 

7. Don't stay or hide in your room too long. Go out and socialize especially when you don't feel like it. Get out under the sun. It will drive depression and sadness and melancholy away. When you are down, go under the sun. Be outdoors. Walk or play some games. Do things which you've never done before for the experience. Be adventurous. 

8. Find a church to worship and serve. Don't put too high an expectation on the church and the people. You are there to commune with God and His people. Don't make excuses not going to church or not serving God. One excuse will lead to another. The right time to serve will never come because every new day is the right time to serve Him. He has given you a new day for a purpose. To serve Him. 

9. Take time for kind acts. To be a servant to others. Go help in soup kitchens, counsel a friend.... When you spend time helping others you will be grateful for all God has blessed you with. Use all the talents God has given you. You will discover new talents and strengths. 

10. Always inform us your whereabouts and introduce us to your friends. Don't hide things from us. Don't do anything that will cause us to worry. Connect and contact us regularly. Regardless of who you will be one day, you are our child and we are your parents. We have responsibility towards each other. 

11. Protect your relationship with your each other. Keep in touch even when you are busy. Don't neglect each other and don't drift away. There are only the two of you. So you must care and protect each other. 

12. Above all...never leave God out of your life. He must be at the core. Your life and decisions and activities must center on Jesus. Remember we are meeting each other at Jesus' bosom one day. So live your life in Christ so that we will be together in eternity.

Been very much into chinese history videos these past few weeks. It's part of my homework every time I teach Form 4 history (Chapter 2) which touches on the chinese civilization.

Started off by watching The First Emperor of China ie Shih Huang Ti. Wanted to re-watch The Emperor and The Assassin but ended with the documentary. Very impressed by it. Worth my time.

Then came along some other documentary on eunuch and some weird chinese wedding rituals before I ended with the movie Raise the Red Lantern.

What a movie!! Women were such downtrodden species in the eyes of the chinese. Was so disturbed watching it. Just can't imagine that such tradition actually took place in society. I think many rich chinese men in Malaya had quite a number of wives also. I guess it's a way of showing wealth??

Then again, polygamy is practiced by the Muslims too up till this day. Wonder how is the sisterhood of wives like amongst them? Human being human.....I don't think there is any one woman who will be happy to see the husband having other wife or wives. No matter how noble she may want to be, the matter of heart is known only to her.

It was an interesting movie to ponder on.
Long ngien is a Foo Chow noodle made from tapioca flour unlike mien fen kau which is made from wheat flour. Many times this year mum has pestered me to make for her to eat but I was too busy. It's holiday now and I had better cook this noodle before the new academic year starts with its busyness. 

500 g tapioca flour
2 eggs
3 tbsp wheat flour

Beat the eggs. Pour in a cup of water. 
Slowly add the tapioca flour and wheat flour. The wheat flour is to make the texture slightly tougher so that it's easier to handle. Otherwise it gets too soft. 
 Add water and mix well till it is smooth. 
It must have a runny consistency. 

Heat a non stick wok or pan. Oil the wok slightly. 
When warm pour in a ladle full of batter. Tilt the wok about so that the batter fills the pan. If it doesn't smoothen out on the pan easily, add a little water. The batter is too thick. 

This is like making crepe or pan cake. 

Add a little water every now and the as the batter will thicken. 

Oil the pan slightly after two rounds of making the 'pancake'. 

Lift the 'pancake ' to the table. Roll it up while it is still hot. Otherwise it will not roll nicely. 
Cut the rolled pancake and the long ngien or egg noodle is ready. 
The stock is really up to the individual. As I couldn't find lala today, I decided to use flower crabs. I also added foo chow fish balls, mushroom, vegetables and fuchok fish paste roll. I use lots of ginger and pepper as this noodle tend to be cooling. 

Long ngien has a smooth texture. Don't even need to chew it. Unlike mien fen kau which can be hard and thick if not we'll done. 

Mother eats long ngien with yemeishu. Lyn will add a dash of rice wine. I usually add DOM to mine. Real good!!

2014 is actually a very exciting year for us. We visited Vancouver again...after 13 years. One of our trips there was to this quaint town at Vancouver Island. We tried all ways to pronounce the name...with the [k] sound but it is actually pronounced as [sh].
Our favorite pastime in a new place is to walk and explore. As we walked around this small town we came across this fairy tale inn. 
Little Inn on Willow- the side view. 
I don't know what view is this but it's just so cute. 

The little gate to get into fairy land. 

Just look at the sign. I was expecting some goblins and elves to hop out any minute. 

A vacation that was even more memorable this time because the kids are grown and were able to enjoy every moment with us. We also have a private chauffeur to ferry us brother. Great memories created this year in June. 

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Just lost my momentum this year. The year is coming to an end soon. Makes me reflective. So here are some pretty pictures I took in the month of September and October. 
We visited a little English cafe in town called the Parlour. The deco is real English.  Here's a little tin box filled with pretty weeds. 
This is a rose from my garden. Nelda has green fingers. The flowers under her care bloom beautifully. But at the moment the whole garden and porch is in a mess as we are doing some renovation. Waiting eagerly for the whole mess to be cleaned up so we can see the garden bloom again. 
This is sunset at Rejang River. Took the debate team there for competition. Sunsets are my favorite but this sunset has some dirty spots. The glass of the hotel window needed cleaning badly. 
An evening out to the beach. The beach was full of people but I managed to take this very nice and classic looking coconut tree. 
Just can't be on the beach without a picture of the sea. 

Hope the next inspiration to blog will come soon. 

There was a severe draught early this year lasting almost two month. During that time many parts of the country was on fire. Kepayang Hill was not spared. One evening I received an SMS from Bernice saying that KHill was on fire. I couldn't see from my house. It was the S2 side.
I suspected then that it must be near Rocky Mountain ... one of our favorite routes. 

After staying away from the hill for almost two months, we managed to go up today. Haze, rain and of course hectic schedule have kept us from the hill this long. I no longer enjoy the hill. The route has changed because of development. The hill has been cut all the way up. 

While making our way up Rocky Mountain we noticed signs of the wood being burnt. It got worse the further we went. True enough...that was the part that was on fire few months ago as seen in these pictures. 

Totally dismayed and saddened by what we saw. 
Going up the trail...used to have low bushes left and right. Now it's barren and clear.
At the top...all brown. The trees are blackened. It's more severe at the top compared to the bottom. 

We hope to grow old climbing this hill. Now I wonder if the hill will still be here in ten years time. Need to look for a new hill nearby to climb.