Friday, April 23, 2010


Anita has disappeared from home since the threat to send her to a rehab school for dilinquent juvenilles. She had been staying with her aunt as her parents are separated. The mother has returned to her own country and the father is hospitalized. As the aunt has her own problems, Anita had been playing truant and spending time with her boyfriend. As the last straw, the aunt threathened to send her to the rehab but Anita replied that she would run away and that is what she did!

Brian was accused of stealing money from a friend. After some thrashing from the teachers, he told the counsellor that he had been embarassed and humiliated by the teachers. Since then he had not come to school and had also run away from home. If he is innocent, why should he keep away from school? After a phone call to the parent, the school was informed that Brian would be sent to another state to be cared for by a relative. Is that wise?

Carol comes to school only when there is exam, special programmes that interest her. Otherwise she would stay away under the excuse that she is unwell. She is said to have some sickness that cause swelling to the joints etc. According to the mother it is a rare sickness. When she does appear in school, she looks totally wholesome and healthy. There is no symptom of a sick person.

These are all 'kisah benar'. I am not creating some stories from thin air. Who do we blame for such teenagers?


AJ7 said...

Dysfunctional parents... dysfunctional kids. That apart from other factors, no?

PreciousPearl said...

wonder what will happen if anyone who wants to have children/ unprotected sex is forced to take an exam....... with Aunty SM setting the questions and being the invigilator.... lol

Anonymous said...

I think we dont really blame the teenager.. the fact they are going through these, shows that they are unhappy and frustrated. Charity begins at home. Lack of secure, loving home creates havoc in the lives of a teenager, who constantly trying to "escape" the feeling of neglect and unrecognised for the core person that they are. Both need guidance, the teenagers, so that they could normal lives with acceptance & basic security (love and care) and the parents (who may have similar childhood) recurring.. just my two cents :)... gosh.. sometimes I feel, I do miss teaching.. :)