Monday, April 26, 2010

manuka honey

Lyn has been having a rather dry cough for a while. As her choir competition is just round the corner, I decided that something has to be done to preserve her voice. She is in Sop 1 and she complains that she has trouble reaching certain high notes. I know she is pretty frustrated as she has sacrificed a lot to be in the team. Everyday she stays back till 4.30pm except for Friday. She has sacrificed going to Singapore for EE's convocation. She was in quite a dilemma when she found out the competition will be on the same day as EE's convo.

Last weekend, went and got her a bottle of manuka honey. We were introduced to this honey by KC's late uncle from NZ. Since then, this has always been our choice if we need the best. It's Lyn's favourite honey.

It's quite interesting how someone quite unmusical as I am has a girl who can sing. Not that her voice is that great; but I suppose the training she gets helps a great deal. Her first public singing was doing a duet with Nee at Ong's wedding.

Let's hope the honey and lemon water will help sustain her voice. I must remind myself to remind her not to take too much keropok and spicy food for a while.


Anonymous said...

my dear... cool... somehow, I always remember singing with you in school lol... so glad that your girl loves singing.. honey and warm water is great for the throat, before singing.. lalalala... :D great week ahead!

PreciousPearl said...

hope Lyn's cough is better now