Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Much hu ha in school this week over the school confession page on Facebook. I saw the page quite a while ago but didn't bother to check it out as it would be gossips etc and I just don't have time for such things. 

Anyway while the girls were reprimanded on Monday, I quietly sat behind and started reading the confessions. Wow.....

It was quite ok at first. I thought there was a lot of reminiscing like sitting around the longkang....birds chirping only during Mr Madhavan's class etc. 

When I reached the earlier posts, found them to be quite bitchy. It was more like a hate page....lashing out at teachers personally. One teacher was called a witch. Think there was a Rapunzel (I didn't see that) and a hamburger somewhere. It hurts a lot to be called names and to be mentioned in such an angry and hateful tone. Maybe somewhere in time some of these teachers have offended the students one way or other (who has not offended any soul before....must be a saint or out of this world)....but do they deserve public declaration of how bad they had been? Were they that bad that it is unforgivable?

The page is abused whenever a teacher is personally condemned. It is not a confession then. I am sure the purpose of the page is noble...if used in its exact context; confession. Infact I found many many uplifting comments, jokes, reminisces, reflections and yes...interesting confessions. It would have been so nice if we have all kept to the original intent...and not abuse the page. 

Kindness is in shortage today. I used to tell the students to rub some kindness around. I don't feel very kind nowadays. What has happened to society? What is freedom of speech when the speech creates anger, unhappiness, ugliness? 

Here is another proof of the failure of our education system. 

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