Friday, October 31, 2014

Appreciating beauty...

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Just lost my momentum this year. The year is coming to an end soon. Makes me reflective. So here are some pretty pictures I took in the month of September and October. 
We visited a little English cafe in town called the Parlour. The deco is real English.  Here's a little tin box filled with pretty weeds. 
This is a rose from my garden. Nelda has green fingers. The flowers under her care bloom beautifully. But at the moment the whole garden and porch is in a mess as we are doing some renovation. Waiting eagerly for the whole mess to be cleaned up so we can see the garden bloom again. 
This is sunset at Rejang River. Took the debate team there for competition. Sunsets are my favorite but this sunset has some dirty spots. The glass of the hotel window needed cleaning badly. 
An evening out to the beach. The beach was full of people but I managed to take this very nice and classic looking coconut tree. 
Just can't be on the beach without a picture of the sea. 

Hope the next inspiration to blog will come soon. 

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