Friday, October 31, 2014

Chemainus, Vancouver Island

2014 is actually a very exciting year for us. We visited Vancouver again...after 13 years. One of our trips there was to this quaint town at Vancouver Island. We tried all ways to pronounce the name...with the [k] sound but it is actually pronounced as [sh].
Our favorite pastime in a new place is to walk and explore. As we walked around this small town we came across this fairy tale inn. 
Little Inn on Willow- the side view. 
I don't know what view is this but it's just so cute. 

The little gate to get into fairy land. 

Just look at the sign. I was expecting some goblins and elves to hop out any minute. 

A vacation that was even more memorable this time because the kids are grown and were able to enjoy every moment with us. We also have a private chauffeur to ferry us brother. Great memories created this year in June. 

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