Sunday, April 15, 2012

exploring negeri sembilan

 Yesterday we decided to take a drive to explore places which we've not visited in NS and we chose Lukut/Bukit Pelandok area. Following the road sign, we ended up at the kelong at Kuala Lukut. There is a junction before Chuah/Bukit Pelandok which has the sign showing Kelong/Jetty Kuala Lukut. We just drove in and followed our instincts.
This is the kelong....I think the people here rent out boats for fishing expeditions.

 At the other end of the river, there are a few more jetties like this. I suppose there are many jetties and boat rental services to choose from and we ended in one of them.
 That is Port Dickson at the far end and KC claimed he could see Lexis Resort from where we were standing.
 Fishing rods....many people fishing along the jetty.
 This is the view from the road where we parked our car. It's swampy like Lumut area. Infact when driving in, it reminded me very much of Lumut/Kampung Sitiawan. Lots of cowdung on the road.

Lukut/Chuah/Bukit Pelandok is quite a 'chinese' area. Driving into this place is like taking a drive into Kampung Cina before development and the new roads changed the whole place. There are many big bungalows just like in Kpg Cina. It seems this place has a lot of Foochow also.

We stopped by a seafood restaurant by the name of Tian Tian for dinner. Cars were parked on the left and right of the road...mostly KL/Selangor/Johor number plates. It's amazing that these people know how to find this restaurant as it is totally off the road and away from PD. We chose it to another restaurant because it's crowded....meaning the food should be good.
 The first thing I saw besides it being crowded is the mosquito coil at the bottom. How practical...just like the seafood restaurants in Sitiawan.
 They served chickpeas as appetisers.
 See...the place looks exactly like one of those restaurants in Kampung Cina/Simpang Dua. This old man in singlet is one of the waiter. I think he is just slightly younger than my father. Very loud, rough and strong. He's hard of have to shout to him and he will shout his reply. When he carries a big tray laden with at least 10plates of rice, his muscles bulged. Not an inch of fat on him. Amazing old man!!!

The blue bucket is our bucket of ice....there is nothing refine in this place.
 The first to arrive...pucuk paku in sambal. Didn't look that impressive but the taste was really good.
 Oyster fried in eggs....this is really Sitiawan style. I strongly believe the cook is a Foochow. Very good and laden with oysters.
 A kilo of crabs for the two of us. But we eat quietly without a complain of being overstuffed even though we were overstuffed because the crabs were very fresh and good. RM50 a kilo...not sure if it's expensive or not. Look at the hammer!!!! These people are definitely practical. My conclusion: they are  foochows....practical and rough people....nothing refined about presentation but food is DELICIOUS!!!

By the time we leave, the tables outside were all occupied. We passed a restaurant which we saw was still empty. Looks like Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant at Kuala Lukut is very popular amongst tourists.
We decided to take a different route home. Sepang didn't look very far we turned towards Chuah, Sungai Nipah (that was where the Nipah virus/JE started and many pig farmers died and pigs were culled to control the outbreak of the virus). So we travelled through these places where we have heard so much of. The picture above is Bukit Pelandok town....very much like Pantai Remis town.

After going through a stretch of winding road, we turned right into the LBJ road....back to familiar road...that's the road we take to the airport!!

It was great driving around especially without the kids and exploring the place without kids complaining they are hungry or bored. Looking forward to another new place to explore.

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PreciousPearl said...

u r right! this restaurant does seem very Foochow-fashioned!