Saturday, April 28, 2012

larian puteri

 This is my second time joining the school Larian Puteri. The first time was maybe 6 years ago where I came out the fourth place. I wasn't sure if I wanted to run or not that time and at the end I decided to run with my soft leather shoes...not even sports shoes.

For this time, I was prepared. The past week, I had been running up and down the slight slope near the house. I know I have the stamina and endurance (thanks to all the hikes up Kepayang Hill) but not the speed. Pushed myself hard during my practices because there is a 1km hill that I have to conquer today.

Starting off was easy. It's mostly downhill (1km). I jogged steadily down, passing a throng of students who were walking and gossiping and looked like they were going for a stroll rather than running a jogathon.

The uphill was the toughest was quite steep and long....the last stretch of maybe 100m was the legs were like logs but I refused to stop running. I huffed and puffed past lots of people; most of them gave up running and were walking up. Colleagues who took care of the different stations called out encouragements.

Finally I reached the cheering crowd. Nurul was ahead of me and I came out second. We were placed in the same category as the alumni students who are in the late teens and early twenties. Well...Nurul and I beat them all.

It was more for fun than for the competition and I really enjoyed it. Another achievement after 40!!! (When I was younger, I hated all these).
Tupperware for the second place winner.
The cert and medal....


Kezia Muthu said...

Congratulations teacher!!!!

PreciousPearl said...

Congrats! congrats! well done :-D