Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a shameful state

We decided to be tourists in KL this holiday. After visiting the book fair, we went to all the various malls at Bukit Bintang....starting with KLCC, Pavilion, Ferenheit and Lot 10. All these places end up looking the same after a while.

Later in the evening, after the rain had subsided, we drove to the National Monument. It was already closed but we managed to get in and took some pictures. The place is beautiful and well maintained. Glad the kids are able to see this place for themselves and not just see it in their books.

Then we went in search of the Lake Garden or Taman Tasik Perdana. What a disappointment when we reached there. The place was in shambles. Unkept, dirty, dark.....

 This is a swamp...lots of lotus plants but it looks a mess. The tables are broken and rotten. I wouldn't want to sit on any of them.
 This is a leaking tap. Not sure how long the water has been running. No wonder there is water shortage in Selangor. Let every park in Malaysia has a leaking tap and soon the reservoirs will run dry. Wonder how difficult it is to fix a leaking tap. What are the workers doing?
 Looks like a's just the pathway tiles. Nice though dirty.

Well, the trip to the Lake Garden was definitely a sad trip. Seremban Lake Garden is so many times more beautiful and clean. I wouldn't recommend this as a tourist attraction at all. Such a shameful state it is in.

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We build but do not maintain...