Thursday, July 29, 2010

Humpty Dumpty had a fall

Ma had a fall five weeks ago and hurt her elbow. She has seen the doctors five times. Finally, yesterday I decided that this has gone long enough. Can't stand it anymore; looking at her eating with her left hand and sitting lopsided. Took her to Dr Lim and asked him to refer her to the physiotherapist. It worked. The pain has lessened and she used her right hand to eat. What a relief that it works!!

Today I had a fall. I was walking down to the assembly ground. When reaching the bottom I looked around for a teacher. I didn't realised that I had one more step to take so I stepped down and lost control of myself. Went tumbling down like humpty dumpty.

It was really painful at first. After a while, I felt better. With the help of the makcik cleaner and some very helpful prefects; I managed to get to my feet and went about as usual. Unfortunately the pain didn't go away. My left knee and big toe are painful especially when going up and down the stairs. Sigh...really angry with myself for being so careless. Now I can't go for my brisk walk for a while.

I think one of my greatest fear is losing my ability to walk; therefore unable to exercise and ending up looking like a big protoplasm. (I remember Mr Soo Fong Beng used to call Ling Sia Chong protoplasm). Funny how certain memory sticks and some memories just kaput like it never happened.


PreciousPearl said...

aiyoh, Aunty SM, pls take good care. you may also wish to take yourself off to see Dr Lim :D
Hope u r better soon

ing said...

hahhaha ...solong no hear the name soo fong beng ... and ling sia chong tu mana satu