Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pertandingan Memasak Maggi

Yesterday was a real interesting day. It was almost like a carnival in school. There were various competitions. Cooking, fruit carving, dessert and breakfast, towel arrangement etc. Seck and I joined the cooking competition. Both of us are no great cooks but Seck challenged me to I thought; just do it for fun la. And it was really fun.

Earlier I practised a recipe at home. I thought it would be nice to do something I prepared crepe, fried maggi plus mozarella cheese and wrapped in the crepe. Later I made some potato wedges and cooked brown sauce using the maggi seasoning. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring any ingredients to except cooking utensils. So my plans went down the drain.

These were the stuff prepared by Maggi. On the spot, Seck and I did some planning.

These are the vegetables prepared by Maggi. There was chicken, squid, fish and prawns too.

Seck and I with a hoard of contestants looking at the ingredients that we have to grab. We planned to make maggi wrapped in egg rolls, soup and prawn sambal. So we were planning who to grab what and which side of the table we were to take. It was a mess when the whistle blew. There were so many people grabbing for everything. I jostled with the students to get what I needed for my menu.

Seck and I taking a picture before we started. Our supporters at the back.

Oh dear....don't know what happened to the picture of us cooking and cutting the vegetables. Anyway this is after the cooking was done. I did all the cooking. Seck did all the cutting and decoration. We had 45minutes to prepare our food. So I started with the fried maggi and egg roll. Then quickly put the pot to boil with the prawns inside. Later dump all the vegetables and meat in for the soup with the help of a variety of maggi seasoning to flavour the soup. Then I fried the onions and sambal for the prawns. Finally we decorated the stuff and were ready within the given time.

Here's a closer look at the food. The maggi eggrolls with decorated with vegetables and potato wedges. Potatoes a bit hard. The maggi in the egg roll has not much taste. The seasoning I selected was quite plain. The sambal was too salty. Should have added more water but looked and smelt great. The soup was the best. Made it starchy; like sharksfin soup (overheard a student said that). Boiled half a pot and an Indian student finished it! She loved the soup.

The Principal came around to have a look. Seck insisted that she tries the soup.

Finally the prize giving. Nurul and Norizan's team won the third place. They cooked claypot rice which tasted real delicious according to all who tried it. Isarimah and Noraini Amran won the first place. Isarimah is a cooking expert (being the ERT teacher). I was shocked that Seck and I won the SECOND place!!!!!! Must be the variety we had...What a surprise. (Seck went to pick up her son; that's why she isn't in the picture.)


PreciousPearl said...

congrats, congrats! looked like so much fun (almost like the home economics exam horrr....)

so you didn't tell us what goodies you got in the prize?

SM Ting said...

ya...lots of fun. my hands were shaking in excitement. sponsored by maggi/nestle; so all their goodies. a variety of seasoning, milo, maggi mee. my hair will drop soon.