Thursday, June 24, 2010

agonized driving

I had to send two girls to Juasseh today (which is about 115km to and fro). Left about 1045am and returned about 120pm (after registering them and making sure they are fine).

It was a struggle to stay awake as I drove back. Going wasn't so bad as the girls were in the car. Returning was an agony....I had to pinch, slap and talk aloud to keep awake. Did all kinds of things...unwind the window, pray aloud, sing aloud etc etc. Driving long distance has never been easy for me as I tend to fall asleep once I'm in the car.

On Sunday, I have to bring them back (unless a kind teacher is willing to go in my place). I think I will have to ask KC to help me. I dread the thought of driving to and fro Juasseh. If they are selected for the national level camp, I may have to send them on Monday to the same place and bring them back on Friday. This is too much!!! I am a teacher, not a driver!!!!


PreciousPearl said...

make them get a bus lah.....

AJ7 said...

hey! I think we're not supposed to send the students in our car la. Some years back, a teacher got involved in an accident. Suffice to say, he had to bear the consequences himself. There were problems in insurance coverage too.... Get the school to hire a van to send instead of doing it in your personal car. NUTP did advise something on this issue. Go check it out~

SM Ting said...

I told HM to let them go in a taxi...our school bus driver drives a taxi too but she just smile n gave no reply.

Ya...i think I had better chk it out.

PP: there is no way I can let them get on a public bus!!! I must see with my own eyes they reach safely their destination.