Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terima Kasih Cikgu

Yesterday, 26th June 2010, the state Education Department organized a dinner to celebrate Teacher's Day. It was a massive affair which brought together teachers from the whole state of Negeri Sembilan. Tents filled the MPS field and the atmosphere was like a big kenduri.

From rumours I heard that at least a million was spent on this event. I'm not surprised. The tents would have come up to thousands. There were singers like Mawi who may cost a lot too. Printing of invitation cards; not once but twice to remind teachers of the big do. And of course ... the FOOD.

Attendance was taken and the namelist was handed to a 'monitor' from the state department I believe. I suppose for teachers who did not turn up for the dinner; they will be blacklisted?


This was how it looked like under the tents. Big screens up front and back so we could see what was going on at the stage.

Door gift....a mug with the picture of our beloved Menteri Besar.

The food....gulai daging. It was beef and the Indian teachers were very upset. Five teachers from my table don't eat beef. Now if some other offensive meat was served; what would happen? This is how sensitive people are towards themselves but not towards others.

Fish...mostly head and tail. Oily and hardly any taste.

Some vegetables and sambal belacan at the side. Cabbage and cauliflowers don't cost much. For a million plus budget; can't they give better vegetables like brocolli? We teachers are only worth the value of cabbages...sob sob.

Of course, rice. It smelt a little burnt to me.

Drinks and dessert. None of us touched the syrup after Chan told us she saw at a kenduri she attended, the people put their hands in to stir. Vimala saw somebody at a kenduri stirring with a stick! The container of dessert, supposed to be bubur chacha or whatever. It's like just 3 or 4 spoons. What a waste of plastic container. Could have used the smallest container and saved a few hundred here. It tasted awful after our unofficial taster tasted it. Nobody touched it after that. All of us went for the mineral water and some of us brought our own water.
Oh dear....some missing pictures. There salted fish and 5 pieces of quartered salted eggs to be shared amongst ten teachers. Salted eggs are so expensive that they can't afford to let a teacher have half an egg but share a quarter of an egg.
Do I feel more appreciated after this big grand dinner? How then can a teacher be appreciated if not through a grand and glorious celebration like this?
Will the organizers have a post mortem to brainstorm on the relevance and success of this event, I wonder.


AJ7 said...

For one million bucks... might as well divide it up and give it to the teachers... better than the money getting 'chopped' down to the kind of unappetizing food that they served you. Very membazirkan... and what was that mug with that smug pic doing being given away. I thought gahmen thing not supposed to have political connotations? Tsk! Tsk!

PreciousPearl said...

SM - in Bolehworld, the reported result would probably be a glorious success all thanks to the man with his mugshot on the mug.....