Monday, June 14, 2010


One more week left ... I was taking a nap just now and felt something is just not right. Suddenly I bolted up and remembered I have not finished marking my exam papers yet!!!!

This holiday is just too short and here I am lamenting that it is over when there is still a week left. No wonder Lyn gets so emo whenver the hol comes to an end. She has inherited my trait.

Such an anticlimax after spending four days away. Yesterday came home to a house with no water supply and the computer went cuckoo. Sigh.

Today I had to handwash loads and loads of clothes. Imagine four days clothes worn by four persons plus clothes not washed before we left plus clothes left by a niece and a sister....and there is still a basketful upstairs. Indeed it is an anticlimax.

Anyway....the four days away was really good. I need to be away from home to relax. Otherwise I will be thinking of housework, school work, meals to cook, kids' tuition, music class etc etc.

Besides the awesome islands that we visited; I saw something for the first time in my life! A topless sunbather. I had to look at her twice to make sure that she is a she and she is topless. Quickly nudged at Lyn to look (hehehe). How shameless!!! Not an angmoh as one would expect but a local who was escorting an angmoh.

When I was running through the photos yesterday, I discovered that I took a picture of her (not on purpose). I was relaxing in the shade and camwhoring away. I took one at her direction. When I told Lyn about the photo; she was horrified. She asked if I would delete it. I was can I delete it? It's once in a lifetime chance to have such a picture! Anyway the picture is in my facebook under the album Frolicking Under The Sun. (KC said he saw somebody purposely taking a picture of her and the boyfriend appeared and the photographer disappeared.)

Well, that was last week and now I have to face this week. A few things to do on top of my marking. My hair badly needs attention. Lyn needs a haircut too. All of us need to visit the dentist (keeping my fingers cross that one of the kid will be a dentist but I have my doubt they are interested at all).

Back to the grind now!!


PreciousPearl said...

welcome back! thot u'd disappeared somewhere. so sad to hear still have to handwash clothes these days. Oh for a laundromat in Seremban! (now there's a business idea if i ever heard one...)

now that u have piqued my curiosity I will faster faster check your photo album on FB tee hee hee!

don't worry about the marking lah - last minit also can! it's just red pen, right? ;)

SM Ting said...

no water the whole of seremban....shame on the water the 21st century!!!

did u find the pic?

AJ7 said...

Aiya... then wait for the water supply to come back, lor. Wash later a bit. Happy marking!!!! 8)

SM Ting said...

AJ7: u don't know my my mum. Everything must be done that instant when I put my heart to it. At the moment my heart is definitely not in marking. Oh dear.

AJ7 said...

I understand... I am like that too but these days I try to tell myself to have a little more patience. Life is too short to be spent getting harried over the mundane - washing clothes count as mundane. LOL!

I forced myself to mark like 'siao' before the term closed... but I guess you would be feeling more 'man-chang' with each day drawing us nearer to school... LOL!

PreciousPearl said...

SM - i couldn't find it....... need more powerful specs liao x.x

SM Ting said...

AJ7: Everybody is feeling the stress of school starting n homework not done. Today all sitting together doing homework.

PP:. It's there...beach chair...but of course u need magnifying glasses.