Wednesday, June 23, 2010

football fever

It's the season where football fans go crazy over a group of men/hunks chasing after a miserable ball on the field. I followed the game four years ago but unfortunately somebody made us get the News channel from Astro; so now we are without the Sports channel. Getting another body to call up Astro to resubscribe to Sports is taking a long time.

Used to be able to discuss football with my students four years ago but I seem to be at a loss now. Quite unable to name the players and I don't even know who is winning or who is losing. This is really bad as I think of myself being able to follow hot and current issues like this so that I can keep the students interested in class especially in a vigorous discussion of the football hunks. I remembered Pam and Llewelyn's class four years ago and how heated we got into discussions on such matter.

Today we called Dominoes for pizza and to our surprise it came along with this cute little shot glass. We have Argentina! (Hmmm....who are the players???) It's so cute that I'm thinking of eating pizza for the next few days.

I've filled it with Bailey...relaxing after dinner (it had been a long day at work and I deserve a shot).


PreciousPearl said...

meanwhile some of us are desperately trying to get the staff to be interested in work instead of football...

AJ7 said...

The cute guy on the Astro channel? He plays for Argentina, no? 8)