Sunday, June 6, 2010

more celebrations

Another round of celebration this weekend. What a party!!

We combined Ing's belated birthday and Dan's pre-birthday celebrations and had a double celebration. Two different generations but with much similarity.

Both are extroverts and can get pretty loud if they want attention. Of course the older is louder than the younger. When Ing was young, we hear her before we see her. I remembered when Dan was a toddler, he would sit with Ing to tell her stories or whatever he saw on tv. He either talk into her ears (filling it with his saliva) or will turn her head to face him.

Physically, he looks more like hers than mine. Same body shape!!!! The hands when they hold the knife to cut the cake.....same same!

Affectionate and manja....both also manja with their respective mothers. Ing has her way with ma which I lack. She has the patience, kindness and shows her affection openly to her. Dan is very demonstrative in his affections to me unlike the sis who is more reserved.

Great talkers....both of them love to talk non stop. I just don't know how one can have so much to say....give them a chance, they will just talk and talk swing their arms and legs.

So to the two babies of the family...God bless you with a good year and many more years ahead.

And....both love to have people around them. So it was a party with their favourite people around.


PreciousPearl said...

SM - u r right, i never noticed it before but Ing and Dan do look very alike. How nice for u that their personality is also alike... must be great fun lol!

ing said...

hahahhah .... look alike cos gendut .... round2 ... cute2 .... and talk non stop .... he is worst than me!!