Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tips on how to score in exam

It's exam season again. You can't possibly finish all your revision especially memorizing History facts. It's crazy. Here are some methods to help you score. Pretty effective as only fellow students can see but not the teachers invigilating.

1. When you see your friend from the next door going to the toilet, count till twenty; then raise your hand and ask for permission to go toilet. Most of the time the teacher allows especially when you wear a pitiful face. Then quickly exchange notes with your friend in the toilet.

2. Keep notes in the toilet. It is a pretty convenient place to look up facts. If you are brave, put the notes in your pocket. You can be sure it will not be stolen. But of course if you have cruel teachers like Pn Ting (who will make you empty your pockets) invigilating you; think twice before doing it.

3. Scribble some stuff on the desk; somewhere not noticeable. After the exam when no one is looking, just rub off the evidence.

4. If you wear baju kurung, scribble the notes on your arm. Be extra careful when you pull up your sleeve to check on the notes. Make sure no one is looking.

5. Make a pact with your friends. Change seats so that you are close to them. Don't worry, the teachers won't notice. They are half blind most of the time. Then you can always signal to each other and help each other out.

6. Borrowing stuff during exam is so common. Everybody is doing it. So slip your query into your pencil lead box and pass it to your friend. Pretend that she needs to borrow some leads from you.

7. Of course if your teacher is busy marking, or reading or dozing off; you can just make signs to each other and the teacher wouldn't know what on earth is going on. With your fingers, A B C and D can be easily formed.

8. Make some codes with your friends like tapping the table once, twice or thrice for A B C. Since only smart people cheat; am sure you can come up with fantastic codes which the teacher will not notice as attempts to cheat.

9. If you are seated next to a generous brainy; this would be heaven!!! You are seated so close, you don't even have to stretch your neck to see answers.

10. I know of some friends who are real friends....they are willing to pass their answers to you. If you have such a friend, treasure her forever. It's hard to come by true friends.

11. If at all you are caught cheating, blame it on the teacher. The teacher is not looking, the teacher is sleeping, the teacher did not inform the students that cheating is wrong.....Soon the principal will be so appalled by the teacher's attitude that you will be forgotten.

Wow....what a list. I must be the silliest person on earth not to know all these when I was in school. I spent 12 years in school and 4 years in varsity and I HAVE NEVER CHEATED IN EXAM BEFORE. Can you believe it? Had I cheated I would not be a teacher but maybe .... hmmmmm.

Anyway...all the best in scoring in the exam.


BuffaFly said...

I also never EVER cheat before in any exam in my entire life. Would never have thought up all these ways to cheat. I'm like the straightA model student. Teacher's dream :-) Rare breed these days ya.

Jasmine said...

OMG! HAHAH! I've never cheated off an exam before but this was really amusing to read tho. At least now you know the "symptoms" when the students are cheating!! :)

SM Ting said...

lol ppl....we r the RARE species around.

BuffaFly: I know u definitely makes a good teacher's pet!

Jasmine: U are the teacher's pet!!!!

PreciousPearl said...

What!!!! all those years of useless swotting and revision and hard work!..... no wonder I am stuck where I am - I didn't have sufficient imagination to imagine the benefits of cheating in school/ university.

it must be my teachers' fault :p

sm said...

Yes... Blame it on the teachers!!!

AJ7 said...

And now you are teaching them how to???? Wah! Great improvement. LOL!