Wednesday, June 2, 2010

her favourite food

Finally there's some peace and quiet in the house and am sitting on my favourite throne. So here is to blogging again after staying away for a while.

Last weekend Lyn officially turned 14. So I decided to make it special by preparing all her favourite food.

In the morning, prepared her a special breakfast. I hardly do this nowadays.....she just takes milk and cereal.

This is maggi cheese which I prepared on Friday. It's a new recipe. Tried it out because it has cheese in it.

This is how it looks like after frying it (rolled in biscuit crumbs). Very crispy and nice but can't really taste the cheese. Mum loves it. A lot of work and not easy to get it in good shape. It will be my last time doing it. Too oily.

This is everybody's favourite except Dan. MIL's recipe for yam cake. But I was too greedy....threw in a whole yam. Not enough flour to bind it so it was kind of mushy. The taste was fantastic (a lot liao inside). I baked it in the oven later and it helped to make it drier.

Ing made her all-famous Vietnamese popiah. Lyn loves popiah of any kind. Good dish as it has lots of vegetables after taking so much fried stuff. The sauce is the best part of the popiah...chillies and garlic with lots of lime juice in fish sauce. is a must...Lyn's all time favourite. This keropok is not home made. Bought it when we were at Gambang, Kuantan. Very very good. Must get supply the next time we visit Kuantan.

This is her birthday cake. May not look impressive but I was begged not to make it anymore because it is too delicious and sinfully fattening. I had not the time to get a picture of it after it is sliced. It is chilled cheese cake with digestive biscuit crumbs at the bottom. The only thing lacking is peach to decorate it. This cake must be eaten slowly, to savor the saltiness of the biscuit combined with the rich creamy cheese plus evaporated milk topping.
It's such a pleasure to make all these and see the glee on her face to be able to eat all her favourite food at one go.

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PreciousPearl said...

Happy birthday to Lyn!