Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What do I remember of my Arts class? I hated it! Mr Chiew was my Arts teacher for a couple of years. He insisted that in every picture there must be a figure to make the picture alive. I can't draw figures! After labouring over my drawing; it would be totally spoilt when I started painting it with water colour. Another problem which I had in Arts was I didn't know how to control the water colour and the brush. How I dreaded Arts!!

Arts class today is totally different. There is not just water colour painting, students are allowed to use a variety of medium as long as the task is fulfilled. Last weekend, Lyn was working on cutting and pasting coloured papers. The topic was to make a wrapping paper. The result is as below!!

Looks good to me. No figures or colouring involved. Just cut and paste!!!! I'm sure I would have enjoyed Arts if all I have to do is just cut and paste. (Ok...she complains it is a back breaking work.)

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ing said...

LOVE it!!! waitin for her to do some "art" piece for me :)