Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been on the Facebook for two years or so now. It was Irene Chen who started me on it. She is my penpal from primary school. What started off as connecting with people whom I know has now gone totally off course. I wanted to keep my group of friends small; limit it to family and close friends only. Unfortunately, this just can't be done.

Today I opened up my fb to find that the friend request has gone beyond 150. I really can't be confirming every person who requests as I don't know, or don't remember almost all of them. A majority of the requests are from students; past and present. The problem with these people is; they do not use their own name and pictures. I have foreign names with beautiful faces staring at me (I don't think I know of anybody from Twilight or Hindustani actresses) and I have not the slightest idea who they are suppose to represent. I don't want to press the ignore button (unless I am very sure I know that I don't know them).

What shall I do? If I ignore them; would they know that I have ignored them? If they are my students in school, they may feel rejected and I don't want any of my students to have the feeling that I have rejected them (which is not true; of course).

One reason I have stopped being active in fb is I have lost my privacy....then again the cyber world is not meant to be private.

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PreciousPearl said...

just press ignore...... there is no message to the person requesting!
also if you would like to control your privacy, you could always set up groups so that you can manage close family, extended family, good friends, kaypoh friends, colleagues, former students, etc etc etc

otherwise you could try what I do..... just don't post anything too personal!