Sunday, August 22, 2010

A walk in the woods

Across our house is a stretch of secondary jungle. The king scout promised his son a long time ago that he will take him into the woods and climb the hill there. Today was the auspicous day.
(The promise was made three years ago).

This is the jungle and here is where the adventure begins...

One has to be prepared before going into the jungle....glove, parang...and a smile!!!

What is that finger pointing to? He must have seen something....I think I see it too!

Wow!!!! A big spider. He claims it to be the biggest spider he has ever seen. In our fast paced world where entertainment comes in a click and it has to be instant; I am glad that my son still finds discovering nature a wonder.

It's a red leaf...different from the others. He used his parang to cut branches like this as they made their way in.

This was as far as they went. See our house in the distance.

When they returned after half an hour, there was so much plan in their brains. They are returning into the jungle soon to build a tree house! After that they plan to camp in there...(hmmm...).

A closer look at the plan. I wonder if the tree looked as simple as this and building a tree house is as simple as it sounds! They are going to ask Uncle Albert to sell them some old wood (hahaha).
It's really good to see the boys enjoying their evening together doing something as simple as this. Looking at how teenagers grow now and how attached they are to the world of internet and computers; I am very thankful that my boy still finds this entertaining. May we find joy in doing simple things like this.


Anonymous said...

:D... nice pics dear. The spider.. hate spiders.. reminds me of those early days in Sitiawan.. we get plenty of this esp in the rubber land and up the elec poles.. they have colour web.

PreciousPearl said...

hahaha! only 1/2 hr to walk in the secondary jungle???? guess it will take weeks in comparison to build the tree house. but u r right, it is sweet that the father & son still like to do these things together :D