Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dan wants to iron his own blue shirt and asked me to teach him. Showed him how to iron just now and he managed almost all on his own ironing two shirts.

All this is the result of being a prefect. The novelty of it....he thinks he should be indepandent and do more things on his own. I'm not protesting; I think this is really good. Who knows I don't need to employ Mila to do my ironing anymore!!! (Haha...fat clothes will be ruined).

I wonder how long this will keep up. Anyway as he pushed the iron around the shirt, I watched and guided him and showed him how to turn the shirt around and how much pressure to put on the iron. Just so afraid that the iron will topple and drop on his feet or he irons his cute stubby fingers.

The little boy who is a grown pre-teen ironing his shirt.


PreciousPearl said...

congrats to Dan on becoming a prefect! don't be as fierce as yr Ma was! tee hee hee

SM Ting said...

huh!!!!like u remembered me being fierce. U've left sch by the time i was a prefect in Form 6.

PreciousPearl said...

wei, i was in Fm 6 in ACS for a bit u know..... so I do remember you being a prefect. but u've alwayssss been fierce. help! *runs away before kena*