Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was away at KL for a meeting the past three days. KC took leave yesterday to send the kids to and fro school. I left very clear instructions on how to prepare the kids' food for today. Slightly after twopm, Dan phoned to report that he had reached home. Then he asked me where is lunch. He packed three slices of pizza to school to share with his friends (because the sister was doing the same thing) and had nothing left for lunch. (I suspect the father did not think of preparing lunch for them though I did tell him to do so.) Lyn ate cup noodle which EE gave from Korea and Dan toasted bread to eat. Thank God they are indepandent and know how to look for their own food.

When I reached home in the evening, I was surprised to see the aircond running in the room with the wardrobe and bedroom doors wide open. He must have pressed the delayed timer accidentally and the aircond went off.

Is it safe to leave the house to the man?

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