Saturday, September 11, 2010

cape rachado 2

We hiked to lighthouse at Cape Rachado yesterday. It was cloudy the whole afternoon and we were pretty worried that the trip there might end up like the trip to Broga Hill. When we reached about 4pm, the sky brightened slightly. It had rained earlier as the path was wet and muddy.

The beginning of the hike....all smiles and still fresh looking.

None of us was too keen having our pictures taken. So the photographer decided to take pictures of the flora around him. I was slightly impatient as I wanted to get out before it was too late.

Quite sunny outside....but because of its thick folliage, it was rather gloomy and dark inside.

Some creepers.


Our favourite....the log that looks like dinosaur.

Mushroom...we saw quite a bit of it here and there as the weather was damp...suitable for mushrooms to grow.

The journey up from the beach to the tar road leading to the lighthouse. This must be quite difficult for Dan as it is uphill all the way. He is totally unfit.

Civilization!!! He was so relieved. He didn't enjoy this hike that much...probably not fit. Look at his exhausted face. We must do it more often to get him used to it. It wasn't very difficult actually, took us 1 hour and 20 minutes at a leisurely pace.

The sight from the top.

Down at the beach near Bayu Beach Resort. We wanted to fly kites here but unfortunately there was no wind...much to our disappointment.

It was cloudy....not much of a sunset. So finally, goodbye to PD. We hope to hike up the lighthouse again very very soon.


AJ7 said...

Hurray for the kids.... still remember our hikes to Ungku Busu, Teluk Rubiah and up those hills and mountains during our MYF days???

PreciousPearl said...

i don't know why, but your pics of hikes in M'sia somehow look sooOOOooo much nicer than walks over here...

SM Ting said...

Teluk Rubiah was mild compared to Gunung Beremban(?) in Cameron...I remembered how I tried making excuses not to go because I hated the outdoors but enjoyed tremendously and never regretted each hike.

PP: Grass greener the other side....I think that the walk over ur side is nicer, cooler just like the hike up Orrest Head.