Wednesday, September 15, 2010

both to sign

The last maid and I shared a bank account where both signatories are needed for withdrawal. A few months before her contract ended, she ran off with an unknown person to us. (I never learnt from my lessons; my maids seemed to know how to be in contact with outsiders and I never seem to see that in them and trusted them wholeheartedly).

That was six years ago. There is some money in the account which was her salary. For the past few years, I have been checking with the bank if it is possible for me to make withdrawal without her. As usual, the answer is negative.

Today, I did it again (though I know the answer will be negative). I was in the bank to open PTPTN account (Dan thought it was piggy piggy bank) for the kids. I got new information anyway. In the 7th year, the account will be considered unclaimed (I protested....I had been trying to claim for years) and I will have to apply to the government for release. The government will send me a cheque under two names. I wonder if I can bank it into my own account or not. Anyway, I will wait till next year to give it a try. The officer told me to consider it as a donation to the government.

Lesson learnt.....never make both signatories compulsory but either or to sign.

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PreciousPearl said...

aiyo, should make it that the joint account only needs one signature, but make sure it is YOURS that is needed :D