Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Complete TOLKEIN companion

Both KC and Lyn got real excited when they saw this book written by JEA Tyler. Anything by and about Tolkein make them excited. I was like...'do we need it?' Guess what was their answer? "Of course! It's cheap!"

The book is priced at RM16.90 compared to the original RM72.50. To them; it's dirt cheap as it has more than 700pages. Sigh...this is one way how the book shelves books like this. I have books on how to tie knots and a variety of John Maxwells and what have you which I know have not been touched for years.

This book contains all the terms and names found in the LOrd of the Rings and whatever you need to know about Middle Earth. I have attempted the LOTR (I have a real thick copy which consists of all the books; bought cheap in Japan) but never got very far because it's too descriptive. Lyn is rereading it now for the sake of this new book so that she can refer to it. She has read it upteen times and get herself all depressed over it.

But the movie is FANTASTIC. It is a must watch! It's a pity that I didn't catch them at the cinema.

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