Friday, September 17, 2010


The hols are coming to an end...two weeks; how time flies. The first week had involved lots of travelling. Second week kind of slowed down as KC started work and Dan has school.

I have been totally lazy. I read my heart out and in between played SHOOT; a game introduced by Uncle Hoe. Was addicted to it many years ago and found it fun again. Working hard to break my old records.

The only frustrating part about the holiday is...internet line is lousy. Called 100 so many times and same procedure repeated over and over till I am so tired of it. Then no water supply since Wednesday. Today the water is trickling and I have to carry water into the bathroom and ration the water from the tank as the pressure is not strong enough to go up and definitely can't use the shower. The other regret is still did not make it to Broga Hill. Was supposed to go yesterday but Lyn had tuition in the evening and the book case we ordered came in the evening too. So....have to put Broga Hill on hold again.

I am having the blues now.....I hate going back to work after a long break like this. It's going to be real busy. Have to go KL for some meeting ( 3days 2nights) and then away from school for another week for PMR invigilation. When I return it will be the final exam. What a rush.

Am not really looking forward to the year end holiday. Will be involved in the SPM invigilation. Then mid December; family from Vancouver will be returning. That is the highlight of the year. What rush and excitement again. Oh dear....not sure my heart can take so much excitement and activity.

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AJ7 said...

you too, huh? End of the hols blues... LOL!