Monday, June 4, 2012

enjoying nature

 This year the church camp was at Selesa Resort, Bukit Tinggi. The first evening when we arrived, KC and I took the opportunity to discover the place. We found a river just opposite the resort. A whole long stretch of nature and golf course which still belong to the resort.
 We jogged along this kampung road all the way up till we saw a bungalow...About 2 km up from the main road. The bungalow is know as Farm seems it is used for homestay. Beautiful panelling. So one is surrounded by green ....
 The fence has a big we strolled in and took some pics at the golf course. Nobody around...what a waste to a big piece of land.

 The next day we went hiking...about 31 of us. Pretty expensive....RM15 per person but I think the experience was good for some of the people who had never climbed a hill before. It was very short distance about 1.5km but we were very slow...more than an hour or so because there were many young kids and those who are scared of climbing.
When we returned after the hike, a few ladies, teenagers and I went to the river which KC and I discovered the day before. HK, SY and I dipped in the cool rushing water to enjoy the natural spa. It was really fun ... the teens stood around and watched us...thinking that we must be crazy. Well....we don't care....we have lived more than 40 years and we want to have fun and enjoy nature to the fullest!!!!

This is one camp where I was able to be close to nature and enjoy it as much as possible.

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