Sunday, May 2, 2010


May is a month of celebration. Many important events on this month. My birthday, Mother's Day and Lyn's birthday.

This year my birthday celebration started early. About two weeks ago, we made a trip to Midvalley, visited the Machines outlet there and got me an ipod.

The ipod KC gave me....well used. It will look worn out in no time. Amazing gadget. Highly recommended. I simply love it. It's so cool reading books with it. I've so many books lined up to read. I do my QT with it; and journal in it too. It's a real personal thing that I'm quite reluctant to let the kids play with it.

Today Dan hung a notice outside the study that says 'Mum not allowed in here today'. I knew what they were up to though I pretended I didn't know. After my nap, they rushed out and gave me my pressies. The one above is from Dan. As usual, he would make cards for me. He (or rather KC bought it) got me a wireless mouse. I asked Dan how much it costs he said quite a lot.

A closer look at the card he drew. He had never been a good artist. From the age of 4 till today, the pictures and the handwriting are still the same. Picture not too clear. Maybe I'm in a hurry to get this done with.

This is from Lyn. She went over to Terminal 1 with KC to get all these stuff after her Babtism Class just now. It's a multi charger for my ipod, handphone and whatever. To my family members who use samsung phone, you don't have to carry your charger to my house anymore. This gadget can also enable the ipod to be charged in the car.
She also got me a thumb drive as I thought I lost the one which I was using. (It was in my handbag all the while). The father suggested a 2gig but she said it was too small. Initially she wanted to get me an 8gig. Lyn has a big heart. She refuses to tell me how much she spent.
The best part's NOT my birthday yet!!! Do I dare to hope that there will be more next week?
So far our birthdays this year (KC and mine) have been pretty exciting. There is so much planning and anticipation involved. Lyn's coming this month end. And a week later will be Dan's. Now for the parents to create the excitement for them.


PreciousPearl said...

happy birthday1 and may you have many many happy returns :)

sm said...


Jean Denise said...

wow..syok~ next time go ur hse no need bring charger d..hehe
drama my aunt..thank God u found ur pendrive & funny this time that ur anak giv u all tech stuff..haha :X

AJ7 said...

Happy Birthday... and many, many more of it. Wah! now your Ipod getting really personal, huh?

SM Ting said...

AJ7: thx...yes; very personal. That's they hv to get their own sooner or later.

PreciousPearl said...

aisay man... now capt caveman keeps asking if i want one of those! unfortunately I still really like the feel of paperbacks in my hands. maybe I can persuade him to just give me the money :D