Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Preparation for Mother's Day started weeks ago. As it is close to my birthday, whatever presents I received for my birthday weeks ago also applies for Mother's Day. How convenient; two in one. Anyway, last night both mothers (MIL and my own mother) were taken to a nice restaurant for a good dinner. This morning, I brought them to Fatty in town for breakfast. Mother likes the claypot beef rice and teh tarik there. I received some stuff from Dan a few days ago. He couldn't wait to give them to me.

A bracelet which he made in the church school. Check out the string; he didn't even cut it. Am i supposed to wear it with the string showing?

A DIY card which he made in school. Check out the last sentence....'You are the best mom i ever had'. Oh dear, is there another mom?

The envelope and the front cover of the card. Thanks Dan for always being thoughtful. He is always to greet me with birthday, mother's day greetings etc.


AJ7 said...

Your kids are so sweet-lah.... 8)

PreciousPearl said...

awww.... so cute & sweet!