Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1Toilet, 1Malaysia??

I read in the paper today of a reader's protest against somebody's suggestion of 1toilet in the school. Not sure what the actual news/suggestion was but to think that somebody could actually suggest such a ridiculous idea only suggests how little his/her brain is.

Why don't we start with the elite groups first before going to the majority? In my school, the upper crust get a special key to their own special toilet. Why don't these people share the toilets with their 'rakan seperjuangan'? I wonder if this happens elsewhere..

I know in certain companies in the private sectors there is such a privilege too. I remember a friend being all excited because he had reached that privileged level of having his own key to that special place!!!

Now, if we want to implement such a thing as 1toilet in school....(imagine queueing up with the students to use the toilet)...let us start with the upper level of administrators first. Leaders talk about 1Malaysia...come on, walk the talk. Show us, leaders of Malaysia that we are one in all ways inclusive in the use of toilet!!!!

Come to think of it; I was just pointing out the polygamy club to a rakan seperjuangan. He said this is possible for us now as we are 1Malaysia! Hahaha...wait till the wife hears of it!

Hidup 1Malaysia!!!!

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AJ7 said...

This 1Malaysia is mostly talk la - convenient to dumb us some more, make us feel good.. then make themselves rich some more cos we stupidly play the game. I'd like to see the Principals share their bathrooms with the teachers... my Principal has his own bathroom... attached to his Office. You go figure out the rest.... LOL!