Friday, October 16, 2009

Baked pasta etc

Today Lyn and I are off as it's Divali hols but the has to go to work; the other has school. So Lyn and I decided to try a new recipe. Baked pasta!!!! Turned out very nice but bit dry cos I put it a little too long in the oven. Not as much cheese as the one we ate at Italiana but I think it's enough (otherwise too fattening). We had it with mashed potato (the wonders of instant mashed potatoes), salad and ginger beer. Fantastic!!!!!

Ma doesn't like western, so I just tapau red bean soup and fried mee/bee hoon.

A hungry boy home from school digging into his food. A bit picky, he removed all the mushrooms.

Ahhh, a most satisfying meal. I enjoyed it throughly. Will do this more often.
The person who enjoyed it the most was Lyn. She doesn't allow me to post her pic. She took three helpings. Anyway, she loves to eat almost anything and everything; from western to asian. So easy to feed her unlike somebody.


PreciousPearl said...

u know u haven't changed a bit except for the longer hair....meanwhile the rest of us seem to have gathered more circumference tee hee hee

SM Ting said...

That's only my face you see, you have not seen the other part of my body yet.

Jean Denise said...

i also wan~~hehe..:x
looks nice ^^