Friday, October 23, 2009

Sex education in school

Today, a lecturer from Nilai College came to talk on the 'taboo' topic to the Form 3 girls. I came out of the hall 'informed and educated'.

He started off with the menstruation, fertilization, male and female sex organs etc etc. He showed pictures of soiled sanitary napkin, male / female sex organs (that kept the girls quiet for a while)....

I think what impressed me most is how he delivered the facts. He was most facts after facts just like teaching Chemistry or Biology or even History. The vagina and its function. The anus, penis etc etc and its function. There is no silly story telling or embarrassment when each topic is touched on.

I learnt stuff which I did not learn in my Biology class. I don't remember Mrs Peter Ling being so detailed and gave so much facts and explanation. For instance; he said in a matter of fact way, 'The female genital has three holes. The urethra is the passageway for urine, the vagina is what and the anus is what.' Then he said, 'Now let me repeat again......' And he repeated again showing and pointing to pictures in the most no nonsense way.

I learnt a few new terms (I may have read them but not really know what they mean). For example, first menstruation is called menache and menstruation cramp is known as dysmenorrhia.

Sad to say, I may be the only one giving him full attention and noting down whatever he said. The students were busy with their own stories and the teachers were almost as loud. What has become to society that we think we need not learn anymore? If the topic is not coming out for exam or not of great interest to them; why should they pay attention? Maybe the teachers were thinking...we know all about this; after all, we are women and what more can you; a man tell us?

Not many lecturers can deliver so much facts and difficult facts as such in a clear way. I have listened to many who just kelentong kosong and after beating round the bush; one wonders what is he/she trying to say. Such people just waste our time and make fools of themselves.

I salute this lecturer for his clear, informative, precise and most professional lecture. I spent less than half an hour in the hall but I have gathered much from him.

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