Monday, October 26, 2009

Fatty Restaurant

Iced lemon tea, iced blended black currant and pink guava juice
stewed duck noodle

fish head beehoon

fish and chips

claypot beef rice

The Fatty Restaurant (I think that's the name), which is few doors from King's Confectionary in Seremban town is aircond and has quite a nice ambience. Food is served quite fast. Has both local and western cuisine. The price is reasonable. The taste....not too bad for certain dishes.
Yesterday, I had stewed duck noodle. I like it; the sauce especially. Ma had beef rice; her favourite whenever she is here. KC had fish head beehoon. I think all of us enjoyed these local fares. The kids had fish n chip. Looked oily to me but they didn't complain.
Nice place for dinner once in a while; too often and we'll be tired of it.


AJ7 said...

Stewed duck noodles looks nice enough... but the fish head beehoon will take a little convincing... 8)

Eunice said...

Haha... Now the tradition is must take photo only can eat... LOL!~~