Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

Some say it's easy; others say it's hard...

Fun and more fun and the best of all is there are prizes to be won!!

The Youth Center was jam packed!

24th October 2009 was our CG Fun Night; organized by Helen Khoo and her most able group of assistants.

Started off with some introduction by Helen. Dr Chan was invited to the front to pray for Pastor as this day happened to be his birthday. We also took some time to remember Matthias (Pastor and Gladys' late son) whom God had specially called home last year. A painful time of remembrance for both Pastor and Gladys, we are so glad that they could still spend time with us as a larger family.
Kin Mun and the youths led in worship before Pastor shared with us. Of course, there were growling tummies and many were itching to run out to play (the kids were already screaming and having fun outside). We sat and listened as Pastor shared with us the C.A.R.E. C for Caring, A for Availability, R for Relationship and E for Edification and Evangelism. Then it was time to dig in the FOOD!!!

Of course, a fun night will not be fun if there are no games. The Fun Coordinator...Aw Kok Hong planned the games and we had great Fun Fun Fun playing. Young and old were screaming and laughing. When Fun Time was over; everyone was sweating. This is how the church family should have fun and can have fun.
I must say I had lots of fun trying to capture this person and that person in their various acts. Everyone of us should let our hair down more often and just have fun, fun and fun.

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