Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ma's Ubat

This is for gastric. She doesn't like it...not so effective.
Calcium lactate and eye drop. The eye drop is also useless for her. She uses an expensive brand.

Calcitrol and mecobalamin ... for her bones and joints, I think.
Calcium lactate, calcitrol and mecobalamin are a must for her everyday. She used to take fosamax but the doctors stopped prescribing. Read somewhere that it's not good to take for long term.
On top of all these, she takes glucosamine,vitamin C (only Kordel C-time suits her), gingko biloba, evening primrose oil, salmon oil(occasionally), multi carotene(Amway's). This is like almost 8 types of pill she pops into her mouth everyday.'s a wonder that she doesn't get severe constipation.
Then again, she takes a cup of yoghurt everyday plus lots of fruits, oranges, kiwi, dragon fruit. These are her favourite fruits. I would buy papaya every now and then but she doesn't like it so much; she thinks it makes her skin yellow.
Do all old people eat like this? mother-in-law is diabetic and has high bp. Her set of medication differs and I think is not much lesser.
Can I avoid this if I live to their age; I wonder???

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