Thursday, October 15, 2009

Race vs Religion

Is it the same? Is it the same? IS IT THE SAME?????
Of course, NOT! Check the dictionary for goodness sake!
So many Malaysians (be there students or adults; educated or not)don't know the difference.

In my History class, they confused the Arabs with Malays just because they practise the same religion. Students and teachers alike think that all Indians are Hindus and all Chinese are Buddhists!

Harlo Malaysia! Wake up and get your facts straight. Race is the colour of your skin. You can't change the colour of your skin unless you are Michael Jackson. If you are born a Malay; you are a Malay; an Indian will always be an Indian whether he/she is a Muslim, Hindu or Christian. A Chinese will be a Chinese even if she is a Chinese Muslim. She can't call herself a Malay!!!!!

Let us be proud of the colour of our skin and stay true to our race. Don't be ignorant as to lump people as 'orang Islam, orang India or orang Cina'. It should be 'orang Melayu, orang India, orang Cina' Or if we want to refer to religious group, it should be 'orang Islam, orang Hindu, orang Budha, orang Kristian, orang Sikh .....'

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AJ7 said...

i agree with you.. but this is still Bolehland.. the Indians are known as Hindus/Kelings. Sometimes they are referred to as itu India - since when they become the country. One of the things which they need to teach in school is probably to differentiate between religion and race. Not all Indians are Hindus.. just as in even not all Malays are Muslims.