Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Some people are born story tellers and Nicholas Sparks is one of such people. The Last Song is his latest book (published 2009). Just about a fortnight ago I read Message in The Bottle. After reading the book, I told myself no more Nicholas Sparks for me. I have enough of his brand of books.

The Last Song made me change my mind. It has more substance compared to the rest that I have read. For a start; he did not kill the hero in this book. How frustrating it is when every book one reads ends up with the hero and heroine separated by death or marriage etc.

But of course, there must be drama. So a character has to die to make the story intensed and fired up with emotions. He beautifully described the sacrificial love of a father to his children and it is made so painful by how he had been wrongfully treated by his daughter.

Through this book; I believe Sparks is able to reach teenagers especially on the issue of peer pressure and filial piety. One's character is tested when one is able to defy the norm and uphold what he/she believes to be right. In a world like ours today; this is not an easy task especially for teens.

Putting the spiritual element in his book enables the reader to look at death from a different perspective. It doesn't sound so final but there is hope still as one clings to God and His Word in his last days. That gives HOPE.


AJ7 said...

Hey.. you are blogging! Keep it up!

SM Ting said...

hehe...learning....something which I've always wanted to do but never got around to it and today....sudden inspiration.