Wednesday, October 21, 2009

snail mail

This came through the mail yesterday and I didn't notice it till late in the night. Totally soaked as it rained cats and dogs yesterday evening.

The service is quite fast. I requested for it through email last week; thought I would receive an email but received a snail mail instead. Such a pleasant surprise.

Many years ago, I would receive a whole letter box full of letters from penpals. The excitement of cycling home from school and seeing the letter box overflowing with letters. Had to rush in to get the key to the box to retrieve the letters. Those were the days when I wrote and wrote and wrote. Out of the many many that I corresponded with; today I am only in contact with Irene.

I don't think many teens have penpals nowadays. Sms, emails, FBs etc have turned letter writing into a thing of the past. It had helped me a lot as a teen; improved my hand writing, my language, knowledge. Used to exchange stamps, pictures of favourite movie idols, stickers etc. How sad....I have lost these things...just the memories remain. There was a picture of a rather old, balding Englishman who corresponded with me for a while...wonder where the picture is now.

Today...what do I get through the post? Bills, bills and more bills!!!!


AJ7 said...

I'm oso one of those who wrote and wrote and had penpals all over. But none in touch now. For a long time, I wrote to this Greek gal. Yeah! Writing snail mail is a thing of the past now. Young people don't have the patience for that now. Such a sad thing.

PreciousPearl said...

eh, malau betoi... how come neither of you ever wrote to me leh???? :p

SM Ting said...

PP: we hv better techno nd snail mail to communicate. Maybe we shld get our kids to snail mail to each other. Wat do you think? That includes AJ7's gal too. My gal agreees to it.

PreciousPearl said...

trouble is my cavebaby will agree to it but always hangat hangat tahi ayam wan lehhhh

SM Ting said...

PP: whr did she get that trait from?

AJ7: this hol, is your gal interested in corresponding with mine? Maybe next week or so when exam is over I'll start her on it.