Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ma's Vegetable Patch

Ma plants okra in the garden...a small plot given to her. She wears her soldier topi and long sleeve to protect her from the sun every time she steps into her vege patch. Something which she enjoys and helps her pass her time. Her okra tastes real good esp when fried with sambal. All of us love eating okra except Dan.

She will hold a stick so that bugs will fly to it. Then she will kill the bugs. She spends her time fighting bugs that attack the okra. She says her harvest would be much much more if there are no bugs or ants.

She attempts planting spinach too. Sad to say; it's just not as good as her okra. This picture shows a small spinach struggling to survive. Somehow the spinach ends up bit old.


PreciousPearl said...

wow! i haven't seen your mum for a long long time. how old is she now? please send her my best regards

SM Ting said...

M afraid i don't know you by your pseudonym. M sure you are from sitiawan and from MYF. If you can kindly tell me who you are, I will send your rgds to my mum. She is 83 now.