Thursday, October 8, 2009


Banging over the piano over and over till she gets it right. It's almost non-stop. Perfectionist? She shows frustration, anger when the mistakes are repeated.
Revision....all on her own she knows just what to do and how to do. Very rarely asks for help; if that happens, it means she really needs help.

Plays each song once or twice; even if it sounds like rubbish. Will replay only when asked or glared at or I am on the treadmill ( I get angry real fast when exercising). Totally satisfied with his effort and thinks he has done enough. to be revising but don't know what goes on in the brain. Once caught him with his book 'terbalik' while revising. Must assign precise work. Takes him forever.

From the same family but with character that is totally opposite. God knows how to make our lives colourful. How dull it will be if we are all of the same make up.

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