Monday, October 12, 2009

The Lost Generation

Just saw a short video clip on this topic...the lost generation and how we can take action; not allowing apathy to creep into our lives.

This morning I was in Form 1Z; I needed a piece of chalk. Looked around and couldn't find one. Asked the students to get me chalk; they just stared blankly at me in return. One girl said; 'Teacher, there is one on the floor'

I blew my top. How disrespectful they could actually be. What has become of the younger generation today? They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.

I remembered when I was in school, we rushed to help the teachers. It came from sincerity in our hearts; not to earn extra points from the teachers. Today; the students will only help you if you can give them something in return. For example; before choosing the new prefects; girls will line up to help us; greet us....But after the probation and confirmation period; they just disappeared.

How many times I have carried books right up to my chin; climbing up three flights of stairs and students just pass by me like I do not need assistance.

How terribly sad....I hope I will remember my role always to teach the children to be responsible and to give without expectation. What a shame to all the Moral Studies and Religious Studies they do.

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