Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Once we cross over figure 40, the body starts going downhill. This is my experience. My first problem is my weight. With the same amount of food and exercise, I keep putting on weight. Will start to have my mother's body shape. How dreadful.

Yesterday I met the gynae and found I have problem that most ladies have at this age. Will tackle it in December. Anaemic problem is slightly worse this time. Maybe that was why I just drove into the parking lot pole one afternoon. Get giddy and tired easily.

Kind of frustrating as I find it hard to accept that my body is changing and slowing down. I don't feel that old yet. Hmm...maybe it's all in the brain. I want to believe I am still young. How like my mother who can't accept that she is old.

OK....I'm off now to do my twisting for 15 minutes and run on the treadmill for minimum 35mins. Must try to hit 4km.

Sigh...why am I working myself so hard and not see results?


Patrick Ling said...

Found carved on a mug:-

Confucius says, "Life begins at 40"

But immediately below it:

P/s Confucius died at the age of 38.

Pretty confusing, I thought.

Maybe should change his name to Confu-Singh!

SM Ting said...

That's nice Patrick. hahaha. Actually, I also believe life begins at 40....our perspective is important.

PreciousPearl said...

the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

and also the flesh is flabby

and also the flesh is wobbly

and that's just me

SM Ting said...

PP: like ur sense or humour. muz lauf more. c u.

AJ7 said...

Results are not seen immediately. Takes a couple of months of consistent workout before you see or feel any difference. But you must persevere. It took me a year plus... lotsa wanting to give up in between.

And you are right, at 40 we gain a better perspective of things... I'd like to think of it that way.