Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...in a relationship Part 2

So when is one ready for a serious dating relationship? Hard to say....some started at school level and have succeeded in their relationship but there are many who have been disappointed and heartbroken. Only the people involved know if they are ready for it or not.

Is 15 years old too early? Of course!!!! Let me give a few reasons:

1. Hormonal imbalance. Teenagers go through emotional yoyo at this age where one minute they are real high and happy and the next the are down in the dumps. With this emotional instability; it's best to steer off such an emotional issue till the hormones stabilize.

2. A great distraction to the studies. When one claims to be in love; be it puppy love or the real thing....one will be dreaming away of the loved one and what an inconvenient time to be in because this is the time when your brain cells (every inch of them) is needed to focus in your studies. How to memorize History facts when half of the time you are dreaming and doodling away his/her name in your textbook?

I am quite gifted in reading the mind through the eyes. (According to the Twilight series, Edward Cullen has the gift of reading the mind and I claim to have it too.) How many times I have seen students with the faraway look and I know they are totally not with me but imagining themselves in the arms of Edward Cullen!!!! I have a particular 13 year old girl who reads and rereads and rerereads the Twilight book (esp during the exam season).

3. Temptation to be involved sexually starts much much earlier. It always starts with holding hands, smooches and progresses further. Now at this age.....what will happen if one goes beyond the boundary? Are you ready to be a father or mother?

4. Most of the time the start of a dating relationship at early teen is due to peer pressure which is definitely not a good excuse to start a serious dating relationship. Evaluate oneself and know the motive for wanting to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. The world is still small. When one goes to college, work...the horizon widens; one meet more people. Well...what if the actual Miss or Mr Right comes along? Wouldn't it make the whole relationship thingy messy and complicated? Heartbreaks could bring about tragic results to some who are not able to cope with the emotional upheaval. Be careful...for what we decide now may have great impact on our lives in future .

6. Maturity level. I must say that many teens; esp early teens are still not matured enough to handle a serious dating relationship. This may cause a lot of insecurity and worry in a relationship as they do not know how to assure, to care, to share.... A lot of breakups at this stage could be due to failure in communicating and understanding one another. This is not surprising as the teenagers themselves don't even understand their own emotions sometimes.

In conclusion....take it slow and easy. Take time to know each other and develop a good friendship with one another. If one is able to be great friends; it will help when the friendship develops to a serious relationship.


PreciousPearl said...

wah! dint know u r such a good agony aunt! :p:

SM Ting said...

hahaha.....hey ur cavebaby is growing into a gorgeous cavegirl. She needs this!!!!! Did u read bout the 11yr old bulgarian girl who gv birth? Better let d kids learn from me than from other unreliable sources.

PreciousPearl said...

we had a discussion about sex education last weeked. i'll blog about it when i have time
rather busy at the moment and just using a couple minutes of lunchtime to do something not work-related :(

SM Ting said...

PP: waiting to read ur blog on sex education. M sure my kids would hv much to learn fm it too.