Friday, November 6, 2009

spring cleaning

It's the time of the year again when exam is over for the year and books are returned to school. We clear out the study room. Books for the present year that will no longer be used for the next few years are thrown out to old newspaper. The shelves are rearranged to prepare for space for books that will be used for the next year. What a lot of work and mess as the picture shows.

Dan biting on an apple as he cleared his shelves. He suggested to continue the cleaning the next day; I almost blew my top. I took over and he sweated in fear (literally) as I started throwing a lot of his rubbish which are memories to him.

The mess on the floor as the kids threw books, bags, toys etc down from the shelves.

This is the mess before the cleaning up. I wonder if other kids are as untidy as this. I clean, they mess. Why am I still cleaning up after them?

Lo and behold!!!! The transformation. A pat on my back.....what wonders I have done. (How long will this lasts?)

This is Lyn's shelf. She has emptied and arranged the bottom shelf to welcome her F2 books. The mid and top shelves are untouched. All story books which she thinks are best left alone. I commented on the middle shelf....isn't it difficult to look for books if arranged that way?

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